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  • The 3 elements for that essential Concept Line you must have for a story with passion and consequence.

  • Mining the 7 Deadly Sins for fresh and original story lines.

  • Illustrations from hit shows.

  • In-depth graphs, script breakdown charts, vital checkpoints along the way, and much, much more!
Ellen's Book

The Insider's Guide to TV Writing!

Why is TV writing different from any other kind of writing? How will writing a spec script open doors? What do I have to do to get a job writing for TV? Writing for television is a business, And like any business, there are proven strategies for success. In this unique hands-on-guide, television writer and producer Ellen Sandler shares the trade secrets she learned while writing for hit shows like "Everybody Loves Raymond" and "Coach". She offers concrete advice on everything from finding a story to getting hired on a current series.

Filled with easy-to-implement exercises and practical wisdom, this ingenious how-to handbook outlines the steps for becoming a professional TV writer, starting with a winning script. Sandler explains the difference between "selling" and "telling," form and formula, theme and plot.


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"Ellen brings the same intelligence and humor to this book that she did to her Everybody Loves Raymond scripts, which made them so much fun to perform."

Doris Roberts, star of Everybody Loves Raymond

"Ellen Sandler is a TV writer's best friend. It's like having a story editor on your shoulder, whispering you through your script and mentoring your entire career."

Signe Olynyk, President/CEO of The Great American PitchFest

"Why did it take Ellen Sandler so long to write this fantastic book? Maybe if this book had been around when I was starting out I'd have a much bigger house with a much better view."

Rob Lotterstein, Creator / Executive Producer of The War at Home

"Anyone who wants to write absolutely needs this book!"

Linda Seger, Author of Making a Good Script Great